LILAMA 69-3 improves the ability of domestic mechanical fabrication and export.

Thursday - 08/10/2020 06:17
One of the important factors for Lilama 69-3's mechanical products to stand firm and compete in domestic and export market is the investment in modern equipment, machinery and facilities to improve the productivity and quality to meet the advance technology requirements
Currently, the equipment manufacturing capacity of Lilama 69-3 Company is concentrated in 03 large factories in the regions including: Tu Ky area; Hai Duong area and Kinh Mon area. Key products for processing and manufacturing of Cement Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Steel Milling Factories, Oil & Chemical Refinery, Minerals factories, .... for domestic and export projects.
I. Pictures of Lilama 69-3’s factories and facilities:

Lilama 69-3 Equipment Manufacturing Factory.
Address: Quang Phuc Commune - Tu Ky District - Hai Duong Province
Area: 11 hectares.

Hai Duong Equipment Manufacturing Factory
Address: No.515 Dien Bien Phu Street- Hai Duong City - Hai Duong Province
Area: 03 hectares.

Lilama 69-3 Equipment Manufacturing & Shipbuilding Factory.
Address: An Luu Town - Kinh Mon District - Hai Duong Province
Area: 04 hectares.

The goal of "improving the capacity of manufacturing mechanical equipment in domestic and for export" is always associated with the brand of Lilama 69-3 by specific products, major projects being implemented domestically and for export. Typical importers are: Fabrication and installation of project equipment for Song Hau 1 Thermal Power Plant - Hau Giang; Fabrication and installation of Xuan Thanh Cement Factory - Ha Nam, capacity of 12,500 tons of clinker / day; Fabrication and installation of equipment for Tan Thang Cement Factory - Nghe An, with a capacity of 5,000 tons of clinker / day; Fabrication and installation of project equipment to improve cement grinding capacity and cement silo - Hoang Thach Cement Factory; Fabrication and installation of Tower wells project Than Nui Beo - Quang Ninh; Fabrication of steel structure equipment for export projects including: Project Tenova Italy; Project Andritz Oy Finland; Project Primetal exported to Japan; ThyssenKrupp project exported to Brunei….

II. Pictures of manufacturing and installation of domestic projects in progress in 2019.
1. Fabrication and installation of Song Hau 1 Thermal Power Plant project:

Fabrication of Receiving boom L-type Frame- Coal ship unloader

Fabrication of Boom steel structure và supper steel structure


Fabrication of steel structure for Reclaimer

Transportation of oversize products.

Installation of Air dryer system and Electrostatic Filter

2. Fabrication and Installation for Tan Thang Cement Plant.
a. Picture of installation of Clinker kiln : This is the 6th Clinker kiln manufactured by Lilama 69-3 and the 12th Clinker kiln installed by Lilama 69-3.


B. Picture of manufacturing and installing Milling machine: This is the 7th milling machine that Lilama 69-3 executed for Loesche.

Fabrication and assembly at workshop

Installation at site

3. Fabrication and installation of a project to improve cement grinding and silo capacity - Hoang Thach Cement Plant: This is the 8th Milling machine that Lilama 69-3 manufactured for Loesche and the 15th mill Lilama 69- 3 has executed in general. (for both FLSmidth and Loesche)
Machining the surface of Mill machine on boring machine. (designed by Loesche)

Fabrication and assembly of Milling machine

4. Fabrication, installation of well tower of Nui Beo Coal Mining Plant
Picture of site installation at Nui Beo Coal Mining company

III. Manufacturing equipment for export in progress in 2019:
1. Fabrication of Chimney equipment for Tenova Italy.


2. Fabrication of Wood Processing equipment for Andritz Oy Finland.


3. Fabrication of steel gas pipe structure for Primetal exported to Japan.


4. Fabrication of Shiploader and Portal Reclaimer for ThyssenKrupp and exported to Brunei.
Tuesday - June 18, 2019

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