Lilama 69-3. Marking the development of mechanical engineering in 2019

Friday - 17/01/2020 19:21
As an enterprise specializing in manufacturing, installing and repairing equipment for industrial factories for domestic and export markets, 2019 is an important year on marking a stable growth step, developing and expanding export market for mechanical products.

With the advantage of creating trust with foreign customers, through the year the company has received many typical export contracts, some of which have been implemented such as: Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG project exported to Brunei; Takraf GmbH project exported to Japan; Tenova Spa project exported to Mexico; Tenova Australia PTY LTD project exported to Australia; The Primetals technologies Austria GmbH project exported to Japan; Andritz OY project exported to the US; Toyo Energy Solution exported to Japan ....

1. Pictures of manufacturing equipment for exported projects




Manufacturing equipment for Takraf project exported to Japan.




Goods at the Port and ready for loading

2. Pictures of manufacturing, installing and repairing equipment for domestic.




Fabrication and installation of equipment for Song Hau Thermal Power Plant 1

11 1
Repairing Nghi Son Cement Factory

12 2
Repairing Hoang Thach Cement Factory
The success of the company for the year was the effort and determination of the staffs and employees who have the trust and support of customers not only domestic but also abroad. Lilama 69-3 Joint Stock Company is committed to increasing productivity, products quality, applying modern technologies to meet technical requirements, quality and progress requirements.


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