Lilama 69-3 has completed many projects to ensure "PROGRESS - SAFETY - QUALITY" through 2022.

Monday - 30/01/2023 21:52
With the goal of speeding up the implementation of projects, focusing on exploiting strengths in processing, manufacturing, installing mechanical equipment and maintaining and servicing industrial production, mining and processing lines variable, energy.
       The highlight of 2022 is that the Company has successfully implemented many projects with a large volume of work with short construction time, but the Company still meets the schedule, safety, quality and efficiency of the works requested by the owner. investment and expert appreciation.
Manufacturing equipment for export:  
       In addition to traditional domestic products such as fabrication and installation of equipment for cement plants, thermal power plants, and energy, now loading and unloading products such as Stacker, Reclaimer, Ship unloader serve thermal power plants, loading port and mining industry diversify mechanical products as well as contribute to stabilizing the mechanical manufacturing market, stabilizing jobs for workers and contributing to sustainable development of the company. It is a stable and long-term cooperation with customers such as: Tenova Takraf Australia, Tenova Takraf German, Tenova Takraf Italy, SCHADE...
 1/ Manufacturing Stacker equipment, Reclaimer, Takraf India project for export to Bangladesh

2/ Manufacturing equipment for the Takraf Australia project settling tank, exporting to Australia.

3/ Manufacturing machine Reclaimer for Schade exported to Indonesia.

4/ Manufacturing pipeline equipment (Duct) for SMS project for export to the USA.

5/ Manufacturing conveyor for the Manyar Smelter Project - Chiyoda (J & W) for export to Indonesia.

Fabrication and installation of domestic equipment:
1/ Project "Supplying materials, processing, dismantling and installing equipment for upgrading combustion chamber and Cyclones of drying tower No. 2 Chinfon Cement Plant"
The volume of dismantling and installation is: 7,300 tons; Implementation progress 40 days
Production volume: 1,500 tons; Implementation progress 70 days
     With the successful implementation of the project to ensure progress, quality and safety, which is highly appreciated by the investor and supervisory experts. Itf shows the determination of the Board of Directors and
employees of Lilama 69-3 in committing to meet the schedule with the Investor.

2/ Project “Supplying materials, processing, transporting and installing the steel structure of lime kiln with capacity of 500 tons/day” in Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel Joint Stock Company.

Fabrication and installation volume: 3,000 tons; Time schedule 3.5 months. This is a project with a short implementation time, a large volume of fabrication and installation, difficult construction conditions due to the narrow working space, the height of construction and installation is 66m, the project was completed earlier than the progress and is highly appreciated by the Investor.


Maintenance and repair of industrial plants.
 In addition to maintaining a large volume of domestic and export mechanical processing and manufacturing jobs, the company continues to perform maintenance and repair contracts for local industrial plants.
 1/ Repair and replace kiln sections, gear rings, kiln tyres, motors, reducers of Clinker kiln of La Hien Cement Factory - Thai Nguyen Province.

2/ Repairing the SYMETRO gearbox reducer at Hoang Thach Cement Factory - Hai Duong Province.


3/ Major repair, Nghi Son Cement Company - Thanh Hoa Province



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Lilama 69-3 has completed many projects to ensure "PROGRESS - SAFETY - QUALITY" through 2022.
With the goal of speeding up the implementation of projects, focusing on exploiting strengths in processing, manufacturing, installing mechanical...
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To ensure the completion of projects in accordance with the 2022 plan and the progress of the projects.
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